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Its peak summer holiday season, when people are jetting off to and talking about exotic islands. At Betta Living we too are talking about our favourite islands…but not the type you holiday on.

Introduced in the 1970’s and soaring in popularity ever since, the kitchen island has become a must-have design feature in today’s contemporary and traditional kitchens. Often at the heart of a kitchen, the island unit is central to a kitchen’s aasethetic look and feel but also to its practical working layout.

Available in all shapes, styles and sizes, and designed for a variety of purposes, choosing the right island can be a tough task. That’s why we’ve picked out our top five styles of kitchen island, along with their various features to help you find the island that’s right for you and your kitchen.

Curved Islands

In light of the huge 2014 trend for kitchens with curves, curved islands have become hugely popular this year. Making efficient use of space and a statement design feature, curved islands are great for islands situated at the kitchen’s centre. They also work brilliantly with integrated chopping blocks as seen with Betta Living’s curvy Cranford Kitchen.

                     Betta Living - Cranford Charcoal & Chalk

Tiered Islands

Split-level islands are ideal for busy family kitchens as well as those who like to entertain. Providing a dual working and dining/seating space, food can be prepared while guests sit back with a beverage (or two) or while kids do their homework. Integrating two tiers is also a great style feature, enhanced by mixing materials on the different levels.

                           Alderley _cream -&-sage


Island Zones

Islands can function as great room dividers – particularly in rooms where kitchen and living spaces are blended into one. Betta Living’s Havard Kitchen incorporates an island unit to divide both areas, creating an efficient U-shaped kitchen layout. Our Phoenix Kitchen (below) also shows how islands can be fitted in an L-shape formation in larger kitchens to create manageable working zones. 


                          Phoenix Plum And White


The Cook’s Island

Incorporating a cooktop into an island unit creates a hugely efficient working space. Islands with cooktops allow for close proximity working triangles to be created in relation to wall fitted units allowing for easy and efficient cooking! What’s more, with integrated storage, pots and pans are kept in easy reach of the hob.

                                   Horizon Gloss White Handleless For Zipp


Dining Island

Great for kitchens with limited space, islands with built-in seating areas eliminate the need for bulky dining tables. Betta Living’s Dallas kitchen shows how a dining space can be incorporated into a working island with the addition of lower-level seating.


                           Betta Living Dallas Kitchen


Leave us a comment and let us know which island is rocking your boat this summer.

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