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kids round up

The summer holidays are in full swing – and so is our summer ‘Kids In The Kitchen’ campaign. Having sent out our fun boxes of activities (including everything from gardening sets to craft kits) to some of the UK’s top parenting and lifestyle bloggers, we’ve had some fabulous responses – it seems the blogging community just can’t get enough of our entertainment boxes!

Here’s a round up of some of our favourite responses so far...

Mummy of Two

                                  Image 1


                                    Image 2


                             Image 3                              Image 4


Little Pink Teacup 

               Image 5

                              Image 6


Here are links to blogs that feature the campaign if you’d like to read more and see their additional tips and thoughts;


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Mums About Cookham


Ava And The Snowman


Chelsea Mamma


Mellow Mummy


Snooze And Shade


Pass The Gin


Plastic Rosaries


Curly And Candid


Katie And The Kids


Domestic Goddesque


Life As Our Little Family  



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