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When planning a small bathroom, making the most out of space is pinnacle. Here’s our best advice from our Head of Design, Ed Exelby on making small bathrooms appear bigger.

Consider a Corner Shower

Corner showers are an effective use of space in smaller bathrooms. Wetroom style semi-famed showers, such as our Saffron Collection (shown below) provide a slimline and highly stylish alternative to bulky full-framed shower units.

                                  Betta Living Saffron Collection


Think Vanity Units

Integrating basins and WCs into vanity units is not only a great integrated storage solution but creates a seamless, clutter-free design as seen here with our Fresco Saving Bathroom.


                                       Betta Living Fresco Space Saving Bathroom


Choose Slimline Sanitaryware

Wall hung WCs and semi-pedestal basins provide extra space by opening up floor space. WCs with cistern conceals and full pedestal basins provide unnecessary bulk so wall hung options are a great alternative. Take a look at the spaciousness of our Libra Suite below with it wall-hung sanitaryware.


                                  Betta Living Libra Collection


Opt For Mirrored Storage

Wall-mounted, eye level mirrored cabinets are a great space-saving solution. Not only far less space demanding than freestanding storage units, the reflective properties of the mirrored design creates the illusion of space as seen here with our Sandalwood Collection.


                                         Betta Living Sandalwood Collection


Double Up Your Bath

Eliminating the need for separate shower and bath units, showers over baths are a great choice for small bathrooms. They can be a great statement style feature too, with quirky bath designs such as the P Shape bath in our Naples Collection below.


                                              Betta Living Naples Bathroom

Introduce a Skylight

More and more, homeowners are choosing loft conversions to create extra bathroom space in the home. Introducing a skylight creates the illusion of space by allowing light to flood through. Our Microspace Bathroom below shows just how effective this lighting can be, particularly when used alongside bright white sanitaryware.


                                            Betta Living Micro Space

What is your best advice for maximizing space in small bathrooms? Share your tips with us over on our Facebook page or tweet us @BettaLiving.

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