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Hotel Bedroom Look

Whether we like to admit it or not, our guest bedrooms often end up being a little neglected. So why not seize the opportunity to give your guestroom a dose of pizzazz? Why not inject a little luxury and make your guests feel as if they are staying at a five-star hotel? You needn’t draft in the help of a top interior designer, however; simply take into account these tips from the Betta Living team:

Create a theme

All hotel rooms are based around the wider theme of the hotel, even if that theme is simply ‘luxury’. Similarly, one way to instantly add stars to a guestroom is by turning it into an extension of your home. Whether the rest of your décor is baroque, nautical or country cottage style, having your guest bedroom follow on stops it from sticking out like a sore thumb and looking like it hasn’t been given much thought.


Consider your colour scheme

Certain colours are known to evoke certain feelings and emotions – something that hotels take into careful consideration. For example, pastels and neutrals are calming, while red can quicken the pulse and seem quite domineering. Since the guest bedroom is a place for people to relax at the end of the day, it’s best to save more experimental colours for the more subtle elements of the room.


Incorporate a couple of bold statements


While a Warhol-bright guest bedroom most likely won’t make your guests feel as if they are staying at a five-star hotel, the incorporation of just one or two bold statements will. Your statement could be an impressive four poster bedframe, a beautiful fireplace or an exposed brick wall – even faux-brick wallpaper. Just make sure that the rest of the room doesn’t clash.



Five-star hotel rooms are tastefully and sparingly accessorised, foregoing rows of knickknacks for carefully considered pieces that incorporate both form and function. Rather than going wild with quirky statuettes and rows of plants, add things like decorative bowls for keys and jewellery, stylish lamps, beautiful paintings and photographs, or even a vase holding some (good quality) fake flowers. Real flowers do look lovely, but you never know if your guests will find the scent too overpowering.


Incorporate home comforts

Small home comforts can make guest bedrooms feel instantly more inviting, and altogether more indulgent. Firstly, there is the mark of even the most basic hotel room – tea and coffee making facilities. Why not go one step further though, by including a selection of teas that go beyond English breakfast, a decaf coffee option and even a selection of biscuits?

hotel bedroom comforts

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Other home comforts could include a television, magazines, a blanket or hot water bottle for chilly nights, slippers and a dressing gown and, of course, an en-suite bathroom. This is a little luxury that doesn’t just eliminate cues along the landing, but makes guests feel more at home. It will be their private space, ready-stocked with toothpaste and higher-end toiletries for that five-star feel.


Luxuriate in linen

A guest bedroom mightn’t be used as often as your own bedroom, but it should still be made up with decent linen. Scratchy sheets and towels are incredibly unpleasant, so invest in higher thread count varieties to treat your guests to that five-star atmosphere. As a general rule, thread counts of 180 or 200 indicate soft and supple bed linen, while for towels, the same is true of 600 – 900 GSM. However, thread count alone does not the comfort make, so take into account the material of your bed and bath linen, too. A high thread count or GSM, but poor quality materials will still grate on the skin.


Maximise light

One of the defining characteristics of five-star hotel rooms is how well-lit they are. Natural light is maximised by using large windows which are free from obstructions, while ample artificial lighting comes into play when natural illumination is lacking. Guest bedroom lights are best placed on the wall above the bed, on bedside tables and on the ceiling, while in the bathroom, they work best on the ceiling and around the mirror.


Don’t neglect the bed

We spend around a third of our lives sleeping, and even longer just sitting on or lying in bed. This is why five-star hotel beds are made to both look and feel so lavish, and why your guest bed should aim for the same effect.

Firstly, invest in a decent mattress that won’t feel lumpy or hard. Next, cover it with a mattress protector and hunt down some great quality sheets. Compliment these with sumptuous pillows and, depending on the season, either a summer or winter duvet, to stop your guests feeling too hot or cold. Don’t scrimp on decoration either – a few throw pillows and a throw blanket can make a world of difference!

While you might think that your guests will be more concerned with spending time with you than meticulous detail being paid to their room, feelings of discomfort and disappointment leave a much stronger impression than those of fun and contentment. It isn’t difficult to give your guest bedroom a five-star hotel makeover, so why not treat your friends and family to a stay that’s fit for a paying guest?

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