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Left Handed

Twenty-two years ago today, something of a revolution began. Left handed people decided that they had had enough; that they were done with smudging ink all over their notebooks and cutting off wonky hunks of bread. So they rose up in arms, and decided that the 13th August would forever be… Left Handers Day!

Left Handers Day isn’t just a celebration of being left handed, it is a day designed to raise awareness of just how difficult everyday activities can be for left handed people. The simple truth is that things like scissors, knives, tin openers and other implements have been designed with the right-handed majority in mind, leaving the left handed with no choice but to adapt.

This is exactly why we at Betta Living have decided to get involved with Left Handers Day 2014 – to raise awareness of the struggles of left handers, and help those behind Left Handers Day to bring the issue to the attention of more product manufacturers. This is especially important when so many of the items that left handed people struggle to use are located in the kitchen, from sharp knives and scissors to fiddly tin openers.

left handed scissors

Photo by Maulana Ichsan

Rise to the challenge!

So, what is our plan of action? Well, we are calling on people from all over the country to get involved and be a lefty for the day! From our friends, family and bloggers to our lovely customers and Betta Living blog readers, we are encouraging you all to give your trusty right hand a rest and flex your neglected digits.

From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep, try to remember to use your left hand as much as possible. That means everything from turning off your alarm to opening tins, stirring pans and peeling vegetables – anything you would normally do with your right hand. You have five days to prepare, so get practising and don’t forget to update us with your progress, and document your left handed challenge. You can tweet us at @bettaliving, using the #lefthandersday hashtag, or even drop us a line on Facebook.

Remember, if Leonardo da Vinci and John McEnroe were left handed, you can do it too! And if you are already a left hander who is frustrated with adapting to right handed life, check back in with the Betta Living blog on Left Handers Day for some handy alternatives to right-biased gadgets.

Good luck everyone!

Main Photo by Dawn Gilfillan

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