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bake off

So, season five of The Great British Bake Off has begun and we're loving it … our spoof photos show we think Kate and Wills could be too in their new kitchens. 

                                   Betta Kate And WIlls In Kitchen Baking 2

It could be the Great British Bake Off effect, but we've seen a big spike in pantry sales since the start of the show in 2010. In fact, Betta Living’s pantries have been selling like hot cakes – becoming the best-selling storage solution for fitted kitchens

A contemporary pantry cupboard, or larder, represents an exciting combination of classic and modern kitchen design. Dating back to the 17th century in American history, when homeowners incorporated small rooms known as ‘butteries’ just off the kitchen to store food, the pantry has a rich traditional history that seems to have had a resurgence thanks to Mary Berry’s nostalgic traditional charm. 

Here's an example of some of our ‘contemporary classic’ fitted pantries that are proving huge sellers in kitchens: 


Cupboard Larders  

Pull-out units and mesh wire storage baskets can be installed for excellent organisation and visibility of storage goods. Pull-out baskets allow ingredients and cookware to be kept in easy reach.

                            Betta Living Cupboard Larder

Bi-Fold Cupboard Larders

Cupboard larders can also be installed with bi-fold doors for rooms where access is limited – a great space-saving storage solution. Shelving can also be fitted bespoke around the larder units according to larder and cupboard size.

                                       Betta Living Bi -Fold Cupboard Larder

Practical Pull-Out Pantries  

We also offer a slim-line, pull-out design – another great space-saving option. Offering plentiful shelving, the pull-out pantry provides ample space for ingredients, as well as great visibility, so that they don’t get lost at the back of shelves.

                                       Betta Living Larder Pull -out Unit 2_RT


Have you been feeling the draw of the ‘GBBO effect’ and invested in a pantry recently? Let us know if pantry storage is now getting your vote thanks to Mary Berry. 

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