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Kids in the kitchen wooden spoon dolls

Activity: Recreate your family as wooden spoon characters  

How long: 1 hr 30 mins 

Cost: £4

What you’ll need: Wooden spoons (£1.99 for 8 B&M); craft items (as before)  

Directions:  Start by making your spoon character’s face by drawing a face on the inside of the wooden spoon using felt tip pens. Draw whatever expression suits the puppet you're making - happy, sad, angry, poking a tongue out etc.

Decorate the puppet by sticking tissue paper and scraps of material to your wooden spoon for clothing. Create the characters arms and legs with pipe cleaners, add other features like hair or hats. Make lots of puppets and put on a show!

Below is our printable guide to recreating your family as wooden spoon characters, just right click with your mouse to save, print and get creative.

Need more ideas?  Make sure you check out our handy checklist with 20 activities to entertain "Kids In The Kitchen" this summer. 

Activity Sheet 8 Wonderful Wooden Spoon Characters

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