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Kids in the kitchen washing up

Activity: Simply washing up can be so much fun when turned into an activity

How long: Up to 30 minutes

Cost: £0

What you’ll need: A sink, lots of dirty pots and pans, fairy liquid for lovely bubbles! A cloth or sponge for washing and a step or chair depending on the height of your child.

Directions: Let your child use their own washing up gloves, pop on an apron and get them to stand on a step or chair if they can’t reach. Ask your child to arrange all the pots and pans so they wash all the bowls together for example. Place washed items on a rack and leave to dry.

Below is our printable guide to outsourcing the washing up to the junior members of the household, just right click with your mouse to save and print.

Need more ideas?  Make sure you check out our handy checklist with 20 activities to entertain "Kids In The Kitchen" this summer. 

Activity Sheet 18 Scrub Up Nicely

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