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Kids in the kitchen papier mache animals

Jon Papier Mache Activity: Create papier mache minibeasts for the kitchen     

How long: 2 hrs

Cost: £1 

What you’ll need: Newspaper, balloons, paint and flour/water or papier mache paste

Directions: Inflate your balloon, not too much the smaller the balloon the faster it will dry.

Rip your paper into strips or squares.  Create a paste with 220 g flour and 200 ml water or you can use a paper mache mix or PVA glue diluted with water.

Cover the balloon with papier mache and allow to dry completely, this may take a day or two. Paint yellow with black stripes add wings as a sting for a bumble bee but run with your imagination and decorate however you wish.

Below is our printable guide, just right click with your mouse to save, print and get crafting.

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Activity Sheet 12 Kitchen Characters

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