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Kids in the kitchen skittles

Activity: Bring some outdoor games in - skittles is a great option

How long: 20 - 30 minutes

Cost: Around £4 (or you can make your own)

What you’ll need: Skittles or disposable / plastic cups and a soft ball

Directions: Clear an area in the kitchen and set up the skittles or disposable cups. This is a great game for the whole family on a rainy afternoon.


Activity: Throwing ping pong balls or bean bags on target

How long: 20 – 30 minutes

Cost: Around £5 (or you can make your own bean bags) 

What you’ll need: A target (frisby/big bowl/paper circle), bean bags

Directions: Set the target on the kitchen floor and away you go. As your child gets better move the target further away. Add an element of fun by getting your child to stand on one leg to make it harder. This is another great family activity for all ages to enjoy.

Below is our printable guide to bringing some outdoor games inside, just right click with your mouse to save, print and let the games begin.

Need more ideas?  Make sure you check out our handy checklist with 20 activities to entertain "Kids In The Kitchen" this summer. Activity Sheet 13 Dont Let Rain Stop Play

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