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Create A Kitchen Garden With Children

Activity:  Grow your own herbs, flowers, cress heads in the kitchen

How long: 1-3 hours

Cost:  Allow £6 including tools

What you’ll need: We’ve opted for paper pots (8 pots £0.99p) that children can decorate first using some of the contents in the craft kit. There are lots of flower, herb and cress seeds (available from most major supermarkets for around £1.30 per pack), peat pellets (or compost) (£0.29) and watering can/trowel set (£1.99 B&M) (optional). Eggs (£1.46 for 6).

Directions: Find a nice bright window sill in your kitchen or create an area on the kitchen floor that gets sunlight. Then get gardening in the kitchen. Prepare your egg shells don’t forget to decorate these as well as the pots, add dampened cotton wool and sprinkle with cress seeds. Place the peat pellets or compost in the pots and scatter seeds. For older children, why not look up educational giudes such as BBC Bitesize online about growing plants and photosynthesis.  

Grow Your OwnBenefits: Growing things in the kitchen is a fun and engaging task for kids. It’s a good way of showing children how to follow directions and they will love watching the seeds grow throughout the summer holidays. It also teaches about responsibility, as the seeds will need to be watered every day or so. 

Below is our printable guide to creating a kitchen garden, just right click with your mouse to save, print and start growing.

Need more ideas?  Make sure you check out our handy checklist with 20 activities to entertain "Kids In The Kitchen" this summer. Create A Kitchen Garden 

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