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Build A Marshmallow Tower

Activity: Build a tower from cocktail sticks and mini marshmallows

How long: Up to 30 minutes

Cost: £1

What you’ll need: Cocktails sticks, mini marshmallows, a flat surface

Directions:  Kids big and small love to build, they especially love to be able to say they built the tallest tower ever. Challenge them to build as high as possible with marshmallows and cocktail sticks, when you have your champion, try the challenge again with different household items like paper cups and paper plates.

Below is our printable guide to building a tower from cocktail sticks and marshmallows, just right click with your mouse to save and print. How high can you go?

Need more ideas?  Make sure you check out our handy checklist with 20 activities to entertain "Kids In The Kitchen" this summer. 

Activity Sheet 19 How Tall Can You Go

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