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Kate and Prince George First Birthday

Prince George is nearly one year old. He will be celebrating his first birthday on Tuesday 22 July 2014 and, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prepare to celebrate his birthday, we share our top ten tips for celebrating that first birthday milestone.

1. Small is most definitely beautiful when it comes to first birthday celebrations, one year olds are too young to appreciate any extravagance.

2. One year olds are also very closely attached to their mum and familiar people and places so it is wise to stick to just inviting close friends and family to your house. Make sure you keep all pets out of the way.

3. Keep it simple, keep it familiar and set the timing for mid morning or mid afternoon either side of afternoon nap times for the best success.

4. Boxes and wrappings will be the most popular items. Avoid loud bangs as party poppers or balloons will startle little ones and create choking hazards.

5. Serve finger food for adults and children. Guests with children will have their hands full or a baby in their arms. Serve it in the kitchen as most of the food given to children will end up on the floor so being in the kitchen makes cleaning up much easier.

6. Decorations and party themes are all for the benefit of the photographs so keep them high off the ground and colourful. Bright coloured poms poms and helium balloons look very effective.

7. The first birthday is really your last chance to avoid the parental nemesis that is the party bag. They really aren’t necessary at this age but if you really want something for little guests to go home with a soft toy or a book are great choices.

8. No party is complete without a birthday cake whether you make a cake yourself or purchase one make sure the candle is on the other side of the cake to baby as he or she will want to grab, not blow, it. Here are some of our favourite first birthday cake ideas.

1st Birthday Cake Ideas

9. Nominate a childfree relative to capture the moments for you with your camera and video camera. Mum and dad will be too busy and it’s important to be on the photos rather than behind the lens.

10. Make sure your nappy changing area is clean and well stocked and somewhere quiet for mums to feed little ones if they wish without the distractions of the party.

The most important thing to remember is this is just another day for the first birthday boy or girl, so make sure the wet wipes are handy! It is a huge accomplishment to make it through the first year of your child’s life so make sure you celebrate the milestone.

How did you celebrate your child’s first birthday? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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