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At one time, the kitchen drawer was quite a simple thing - a storage space for our knives and forks, utensils, as well as our odds and sods.

Today, the kitchen drawer is a whole lot more, evolving into large pull-out pantry units and nifty corner baskets, slotting into all sorts of cupboards and storing just about everything!

At Betta Living we love a place for everything and with our wide range of Häfele pull-out storage solutions our fitted kitchens couldn’t look much more sleek, chic and neat. We’ve ‘pulled out’ our top five pull-out storage solutions to save on space, keep the utensils organised and the clutter hidden for a ‘bang tidy’ kitchen.

Corner Cupboards

Betta Living’s most popular storage solution, the Le Man Corner Unit utilises every inch of the kitchen space. Offering two-tier shelving that glides out of kitchen corner cupboards, it is the perfect solution for storing bulky kitchen items such as pots, pans and colanders that can be unpleasant on the eye and demanding re: space.

                                                         Betta Living Corner Le -mans Corner Pull -out

Pull-Out Larders

Full length, pull-out larders are hugely space-saving, fitting bespoke into all size and shape kitchens. They are also great for visibility, ensuring ingredients don’t get lost, collecting dust at the back of cupboards.


                                                              Betta Living Larder Pull -out Unit 2_RT


Under Sink Storage

Gone are the days when your Fairy Liquid and Mr Muscle fall like dominos when your start rooting for your sponges under the kitchen sink. With pull-out under sink storage everything is kept neat, contained and visible.


                                                         Betta Living Undersink _2._RT!!


The Multi-Purpose Pull-Out!

This drawer stores just about everything – knife blocks, chopping boards, cutlery – you name it, it stores it! Keeping everything organised, visible and in one place, the multi-purpose pull-out is great for keeping your worktops clean and clutter-free.


                                                          Betta Living Multipurpose Pull Out Unit


Pull-Out Vegetable Baskets

Perfect for country and traditional kitchens, Betta Living’s wicker storage baskets are a stunning storage solution. Featuring a perforated stainless steel base they keep contents fresh and are perfect for storing fruit and vegetables.


                                                         Betta Living Wicker Miamicream Copy


Don’t be a Lemon… get your kitchens ‘Bang Tidy’ with clever storage!

While these solutions are our favourites, which kitchen storage solutions get your vote? Tell us what you think over on Facebook and Twitter.

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