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Child Safety Gadgets

It’s not easy being a parent to a curious baby or toddler; kids can be incredibly inquisitive and catastrophically oblivious to the many dangers that surround them. Half a million children under four years old are injured in UK homes every year and, unfortunately, you can’t be everywhere at once  But luckily  this hasn’t gone unnoticed;  a range of child-safety gadgets have been developed over the years to help us keep household hazards to a minimum.

Take a look at our pick of the top ten safety gadgets and see if there are any you could employ to help protect your inquisitive little ones…

Safety gate

Safety gates are pretty much a must for anyone with a set of stairs in their house. As soon as babies begin to crawl, stairs becomes a very real danger. In fact, 35,000 children under four years of age fall down the stairs each year. Stair gates make this a problem solved.

Magnetic door latch

28,000 children receive treatment for poisoning every year in the UK. This is largely due to household objects like cleaning products and medicines being left in accessible places. A magnetic door latch, however, means that children won’t be able to go rooting through any cupboards you don’t want them to.

Cord clips

Window blinds with long cords can be extremely hazardous to small children, who run the risk of becoming entangled. A cord clip allows you to pin blind cords to the wall, keeping them taught and less of a danger to young tots.

Corner and edge guards

40-50% of those in the UK who suffer a head injury are children, which isn’t surprising considering their tendency to explore so fearlessly. Protect them from the hard edges and sharp corners of furniture by using corner and edge guards, which will help cushion the blow in the event of a bump.

Window restrictor

A window restrictor is another lifesaving device that’s relatively cheap to buy and easy to install. It isn’t long before toddlers are at an age where they have full mastery of their hands and are able to open windows – a risk that can be avoided by installing a window restrictor, which are now available for a range of differing window types.

Door stops

It’s happened to most of us at some point in our lives – getting your fingers trapped in a door or window is never a pleasant experience, to say the least. Stop little fingers being trapped in doors by clipping a door stop into the hinge of the door. This means that the door will be kept ajar, until you want to remove it, which can be done quickly and easily.

Oven guard

Pressing an eager face against the oven door can be very dangerous if an oven guard isn’t in place. Oven door guards can reduce heat by up to 50% and are completely transparent too, so it won’t have any effect on your culinary prowess.

Stove top guard

Stove-top guards are a great way to stop pan handles protruding, which can easily be knocked off onto little ones or cause hot liquids to spill onto the floor. The heat-resistant, polycarbonate plastic guard also means that wandering hands can’t get burnt by hot stoves.

Oven and stove knob guards

These are particularly useful for those without stove top guards, or for those that have gas stove tops. They simply cover your knobs to prevent children from turning them on, which can lead to nasty burns or potentially dangerous gas leaks.

Electric cable shortener

In this day and age there are a number of electrical gadgets around the house, which means there are plenty of wires knocking around. These can be a tripping hazard, particularly for children, who are often less conscious of these hazards when running around and playing. An electric cable shortener prevents this becoming a danger and keeps the place looking tidy at the same time.

So there you have it – our round-up of the very best in child safety gadgets that will go a long way in making your home safer for those adventurous little ones!

Photo by Chronic-shock CC BY

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