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How Safe is Your Home Top

Child Safety Week (23rd – 29th June 2014) is a campaign that we love to support here at Betta Living. With around one million children aged under fifteen being taken to A&E following household accidents every year, the campaign’s work to raise awareness about the risks of child accidents and how they can be prevented is crucial.

KidsThe main focus of the campaign is to educate families about how they can keep their children safe by making really simple tweaks, so here at Betta Living we decided to lend a helping hand. We have created not just a survey, but a range of blog posts, an infographic and an exciting hazard awareness test to gauge just how much you know about child safety in the home, as well as teach you more about how you can stop preventable accidents from happening.

Why not take a look and set about making your home as safe as it is fun this Child Safety Week?


How Safe is Your House Survey

In the lead up to Child Safety Week we helped to raise awareness of home safety by running a survey to determine just how much people know about the potential hazards around the house. The results of the survey have been used to help inform our Kitchen Hazard Awareness Test and produce the infographic!

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