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Make A Meal App Recipe Inspiration

We love saving money here at Betta Living HQ and so when we came across this new Make a Meal app, to hep you make more from your weekly shopping, we had to share!  

Did you know that over 20% of all the food and drink we buy is thrown away? That is £470 per household per year or approximately six meals a week! In the UK alone, we throw away 7.2 million tons of food and drink every year – that’s five Kilos of food waste, for every household, every week. 

Make A Meal App

This app is unlike other recipe apps. Make a Meal is designed to help make the most of the food in your cupboard and reduce food waste, saving you money on your food bill and reducing waste by suggesting recipes based on the ingredients you have. Choose one or more ingredients to view matching recipes, then Make a Meal!

Make A Meal App Recipe


The app contains 500 recipes, sourced from chefs and cooks around the world. Users can type to search for specific items (like chicken or tomatoes) or search by categories (like Pasta or Meat). Recipes can be filtered for ease and quickness of preparation and tailored for dietary preferences. Users can also rate recipes to help them remember the best, mark them as Favourites, or post pictures of cooking achievements to Facebook or Twitter.

Make A Meal App Recipe2Make A Meal App Recipe3Simplicity is the key to Make a Meal. It’s not an app for those who aspire to Michelin stars, it’s for regular households who’ve got some ingredients and want some inspiration in the kitchen

So next time you think you’ve got nothing to eat, download Make a Meal, be inspired and try something new. 

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