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Betta Living Offers A Helping Hand To The Nation’s Handbag Storage Woes

As a member of Betta Living marketing team, frequently writing about Betta Living’s fantastic storage solutions, you’d think I would have amazing storage solutions in my own bedroom. Oh no. My home storage leaves something to be desired, but it reached tipping point on my 40th Birthday this month – when I was given my first designer handbag! 

So I decided it was time to get expert advice on how best to store my handbags, from the Betta Living design team and the one and only storage guru The Clutter Fairy.

I also found that I wasn’t alone in my handbag hell - according to the Betta Living design team one of the most frequently asked questions when planning a new bedroom is how can I store handbags? 

Here’s what happened when I took my problem to Betta Living’s bedroom designer, Nicole Vitta-Mcleod and The Clutter Fairy.

BEFORE …My Handbag Hell

Delving into the depths of my wardrobe, we counted that I had a total of 47 handbags worth over £5,000. These handbags were dirty, scuffed, squashed, scratched, shoved and gathering dust and even some were starting get damp on them. 

Handbags In Need Of Storage

Kirsty Handbags

My collection of handbags ranges from vintage numbers and a few old classics to my latest prized possession – a Stella McCartney clutch worth £500.  

But I have no space for all of them in my wardrobe! With all of my clothes, I only have the bottom shelf of my spare wardrobe left, and it’s just not big enough. Not only are my handbags tarnished they are completely neglected. Most of them are now buried so deep under my bed, I forget what I have and end up buying more!

AFTER …. My Handbag Haven 

Betta Living Bedroom Designer, Nicole Vitta-Mcleod explained:

Betta Living Bedroom Designer Nicole Vitta -Mcleod“We advised our Heel Deal storage solution. With its pigeon hole shelving, it’s perfect for keeping Kirsty’s handbags in good condition! Working as upright dividers, the shelving prevents handbags from creasing and protects them from getting scratched and tarnished against other wardrobe items. They also give you great visibility of what you actually own. 

“The Boudoir Unit’s glass-fronted drawers are also great for visual display. As they’re layered according to size, you can organise handbags from small to large and have sight of what you own as soon as you open the wardrobe.” 

The Clutter Fairy added: 

The Clutter Fairy Handbag Storage Advice“I see lots of wardrobes with bags thrown on bottom shelves when I’m helping people to de-clutter their homes. But don’t let your bags be an afterthought, put them at eye-level with units such as the Heel Deal so that you don’t fall foul of the 80/20 rule and only use 20% of your bags 80% of the time. 

“Handbags need to be contained so they don’t fall over – line them up side by side in pull out drawers or pop them in pigeon holes to allow them to retain their shape. Filling your bags with bubble wrap (or plastic bags if you don’t have bubble wrap) is also great for shape retention. Another great handbag care tip is to use dust bags – daylight and dust aren’t kind to luxury leather so keep them protected.

So, my verdict? 

Opting for Betta Living’s Heel Deal Unit, my handbags are now organised, visible and kept in much better condition. I’m now even enjoying using handbags from years ago that I forgot I had.

Should you Wish To Buy …. Here’s the Low Down 

Betta Living’s Heel Deal Unit is the handbag homeowner’s storage haven. With 12 pigeon hole shelves and a spacious top shelf it can store 6 large handbags and 12 medium sized handbags along with 24 pairs of heels. For real handbag addicts the drawer units can be filled with up to 15 handbags in place of shoes. Prices start from £590.

Betta Living’s Boudoir Storage provides luxury handbag, clothing and cosmetic storage. Offering five, glass-fronted and differently sized draws, clothes and handbags can be displayed and organised by size and style. The large top shelf also provides ample space for larger bags. Prices start from £790. 

Alongside the Heel Deal Unit and Boudoir Storage, Betta Living’s bespoke service allows homeowners to tailor their wardrobe interiors according to individual size requirements and add additional storage elements such as hooks and rails. Visit to see the rest of Betta Living’s bedroom storage solutions. 

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