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Betta Living Donation to GOSH

We are very pleased to report that last week we handed over a cheque for £2,437 to Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity after our recent fundraising at the Ideal Home Show.

Heading down to the hospital last Thursday to handover the cheque was an extremely rewarding experience. We met with the lovely fundraising executive, Catherine Sheard who was absolutely thrilled to receive the cheque on behalf of GOSH. Catherine did a wonderful job of showing us round and explaining all of the phenomenal things the hospital charity could do with our donation. She explained:

“In addition to helping to rebuild and refurbish Great Ormond Street Hospital, the money will help to provide vital up-to-date equipment, fund research into better treatments for children and provide accommodation and support to the families who rely on our care and expertise.”

Showing us the cramped accommodation of one of the older wards in comparison to that offered by the newest clinical building, ‘The Morgan Stanley Building’ which opened in 2012 through charity funding, highlighted the importance of such charity funds to build better accommodation for the very sick children and their families. More spacious and modern, the newer build wards provide much more comfortable accommodation for parents to stay with their children.

GOSH New Parent and Child Ward

Without public support, the hospital would not be able to provide these accommodation facilities or continue its amazing research into better treatments for poorly children suffering from rare and life-threatening conditions. If you’re reading this and want to donate visit the GOSH website for more information and details on how to donate. 


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