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Vegetarian Recipe Competition Winners

It’s National Vegetarian Week, which marks a great opportunity for people to explore some healthy, tasty and fresh vegetarian dishes, widening their culinary repertoire and proving that it’s not the meat that makes the meal!

In a bid to open people’s minds to the tasty vegetarian meals out there, Betta Living hosted a competition for the best vegetarian meal recipe, offering one lucky winner the chance to win £750 of gift vouchers, and £250 of vouchers for one runner up!

The recipes come flooding in, from tantalising starters to indulgent desserts, proving to the team here at Betta Living that you guys are both talented and inventive in the kitchen.

Well, the entries were judged by three independent bloggers, the votes have been cast and the results have now come in!

We’re pleased to announce that the winner of the 2014 Vegetarian Food Competition is… 

Sarah Shermann’s ‘Grown up Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup’ has won the £750 prize.

The runner up is Nayna Kanabar’s ‘Spicy Cauliflower Tempura’ winning the £250 prize.

Winning Recipes

These culinary masterminds really proved that simple, vegetarian recipes can still be incredibly delicious and exciting. Well done!

We’d like to thank all our entrants for taking part. Make sure you check back to the Betta Living site throughout the week for more of our favourite submissions.

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