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How to Store Your Winter Woolies

With warmer weather and sunnier evenings stumbling upon us over the last few weeks it seems that Spring has well and truly arrived and that can only mean one thing – a wardrobe spring clean!  Our winter woollies and heavy coats are now too warm so it's time to (neatly) stash them away to make room for our summer attire.

But instead of jumbling up your woollies with your shorts and bikinis this year so that your style is stuck between the seasons all year round or stuffing them away like dirty laundry, why not give your winter gear some storage attention?

Neatly storing away your winter gear will give a clear view of your summer wardrobe and will keep your winter clothing fresh and in good condition for when the nights draw in again in October.

Winter Clothing Storage Tips

  • Pull everything out of your wardrobe and take a look at what you actually own. If you’re looking at that brown polo neck that you’ve not had on all winter, chances are you’re not going to wear it next winter either. Take clothes you’ve not worn all season to your local charity shop.

    Winter Wardrobe 5

  • Clean your wardrobe. Hoover out the dust and wipe down your shelves with a bucket of warm soapy water so that your clothes don’t become contaminated and damaged by dust, dirt and insects.

  • Wash your entire winter collection – even if items don’t look dirty! Even if you’ve only had an item on once deodorant contamination may turn into stains that will become even more difficult to remove the longer they are left. Stashing dirty clothes with only the smallest of food stains can attract unruly insects.

  • Leave one side of your wardrobe rails for winter coats and hang them on sturdy hangers.

  • If possible, try not to hang your sweaters but fold them. By hanging knitwear it is much more likely to lose its shape.

  • For your most precious knits such as your expensive cashmere cardigans, fold them away in acid-free tissue paper. This will prevent discolouration and minimise the threat of mould and damp damage.

    Winter Wardrobe 3

  • Choose wooden or plastic hangers over wire hangers as these deform the shape of your clothes.

  • Store your winter woollies on the bottom shelves of your wardrobe so that they don’t get mixed up with your summer gear. If you are out of shelf space, pop them in plastic storage boxes and store them in a cool, dark place to prevent them fading in the sunlight.

  • Create a separate shelf in your wardrobe to store winter garments such as gloves, hats and scarves. Stuff them with acid-free tissue paper to keep them fresh and to help them to retain their shape.

  • Pop bags of lavender on shelves to keep your garments smelling sweet and fresh and spray your heavy knits with a dash of Febreeze.

Feeling enthused about getting your winter woollies stashed neatly away? Let us know! Or if you have any other winter garment storage tips and would like to share – leave a comment or post them on our Facebook Page or send us a Tweet to @bettaliving.

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