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Indoor BBQ Tips

We Brits love the great British barbie and with forecasters predicting a scorcher of a summer for 2014, Brits optimistically wait for the nostalgic aroma of sausages sizzling on the BBQ and fresh cut grass. But year on year, the good old British weather disappoints us, with consecutive weekends of rainy downpours and dull skies, and alas our weekend BBQ plans need to be taken “indoors”. In a recent poll we revealed that a massive 91% of us had a BBQ party rained off in 2013*.

It also showed that three quarters of Brits expect a BBQ to be rained off and prepare for it, and half of respondents said that an indoor BBQ is as much fun as outdoors. But in true British style, a bit of rain doesn’t have to dampen our party spirit – and if you follow Betta Living’s How-To Hints for Hosting an Indoor BBQ you can still have fun – without the sun – and enjoy a brilliant BBQ in the kitchen.

BBQ LightingDécor and Theme

  • Bringing a BBQ party indoors doesn’t mean shutting out the fresh air feel of the event – simply open up patio doors and windows for an alfresco atmosphere 
  • Bring your outside furniture indoors so the room is dressed as it would have been outside and leave outdoor furniture on hand for a quick dash back outside 
  • Dress your kitchen with quirky summer décor such as paper flowers, vibrant bunting, fairy lights and tea lights




BBQ Crockery


  • Don’t bring out the dinnerware - delve into old picnic baskets and pull out all of the bright, plastic tableware you can find to keep things fun and casual
  • Splash tables/island units with brightly coloured, plastic tablecloths 
  • Go big! Pop your salads in large vibrant bowls and condiments in buckets so that everything is quick to grab if the sun comes out! And why not fill large buckets with bags of ice to store your beers and beverages for a quirky Aussie twist?



BBQ Jamie OliverFood

  • Stick to cooking meat on a griddle pan to maintain a smoky charcoaled BBQ flavour – a gas range hob serves as the perfect BBQ base for getting food sizzling - or if you have a Teppanyaki plate even better – you can still show your BBQ showmanship in the kitchen 
  • Take advantage of the fact you have a whole kitchen to play with. Use your oven to slow cook ribs or pulled pork with BBQ flavours and pop some extra sides in, such as sweet potato wedges or stuffed aubergines – and the rest of the food is as you would serve outdoors
  • For BBQs, Jamie Oliver recommends creating a board of oils, lemons, herbs, seasonings and marinades as a handy work base, so keep them close to the grill to tend to the meat
  • Don’t forget the nibbles! It wouldn’t be a BBQ without bowls of crisps, dips, breadsticks and olives so lay them out around your kitchen for all to enjoy

Atmospheric Factors

  • Leave your rain coat in the cupboard and keep the dress code summery - you will be indoors so you don’t need to wrap up!
  • You could even crank up the heating to add a more Mediterranean feel to your indoor/outdoor event. 
  • Make sure your iPod is ready to go. Good music is the most important ingredient to any party - indoors or out!

Have you ever had a BBQ end up in the kitchen? What are your top tips for keeping the party swinging irrespective of what mother nature has in mind?  Share your top tips over on Facebook and Twitter.


*Betta Living surveyed 1,074 men and women in its stores and online between February 28th and March 28th in 2014.  

Jamie Oliver Image courtesy of Tefal.



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