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U, Triangle, Cube - here's the low-down on the latest shapes in kitchens, making cooking more efficient than ever.  We've all heard about the ‘working triangle’ in the kitchen, but there are new shapes to consider when designing a kitchen as Betta Living’s head of design Ed Exelby explains.  As well as the triangle, there's the U-shape, L-shape and rectangular islands as three key kitchen layouts for today’s modern kitchens, along with the new four-part cooking ‘appliance cube’.
Kitchen -work -triangleThe Triangle
Founded in the 1940s, the working triangle was developed to maximise cooking efficiency by reducing the travelling distance while cooking. The working triangle ensures the three key kitchen appliances – the cooker, refrigerator and sink are close at hand in triangle formation with sides of no more than 9ft in length.


The U-shape is all about maximising corner storage and creating easy access to appliances and cupboard items. The U-shape design maximises the efficiency of the working triangle by reducing its proximity, so that key appliances are easily accessible. Betta Living’s Harvard Kitchen shows the U-shape and is here in a stunning beech finish. The Harvard is £3,588 (based on a guide layout).

Betta Living Havard Beech
Requiring only two walls, the L-shape is ideal for smaller kitchens. This layout creates a modern, open-plan design by opening up floor space. Betta Living’s Tampa Kitchen shows how to build plenty of workspace into an L-design between key appliances but also maximises storage via double wall-mounted eye level fitted units.

Betta Living Tampa Kitchen

Rectangle Islands
This Island layout is perfect for large, stylish kitchens. A central island adds an additional four-sided working space, plus a dining area – ideal for cooks who like to entertain. Betta Living’s Dallas Collection works well with the island design and is priced at £3,690 (based on a guide layout).

Betta Living Dallas Kitchen

Betta Living’s Head of Design comments: “The island unit makes cooking efficient by creating a compact working triangle on just one side of the room, so that additional appliances such as dishwashers do not disrupt the cooking workflow.”

The Cube
A key 2014 kitchen trend is ‘The Cube’- a stylish, square-edged feature of four appliances, frequently comprising a conventional oven, a steam oven, a microwave and a coffee machine. The design maximises efficiency by reducing travelling distance between appliances. Dishes can be brought out of one oven and popped in another to roast, stew or simply keep warm and all can be checked on simultaneously - so nothing gets forgotten about! The cube stylishly integrates into all style and shape kitchens as seen here with Betta Living’s Fusion Collection, priced at £4,628 (based on a guide layout).

Betta Living Fusion Ivory
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