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5 ways to automate your home

Betta Living’s Guide To The Top 5 Apps To Organise Your Home

There aren’t many of us who don’t have some kind of mobile app – be it on our iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. So our blog team has picked out five of its favourite apps that are helping to make domestic life easier than ever before.

So, forget having to yell at the kids to do their chores, dashing home to feed the dog or manually boiling the kettle – we’ve found the apps that do it all for you.

Automated Dog Feeding - Loxone Mini Server

Plagued with guilt for leaving your pet home alone and hungry? With Loxone’s Mini Server you can feed the dog from wherever you are. 

Dog Feeder

All you need to do is purchase a spring-lidded dog bowl, get the hub installed by an expert and download the free automation app. By the quick flip of an app you can trigger the lid of the feeding bowl from wherever you are so that your pet is never left with a rumbling stomach again. The Mini Server is priced from £500 and can be purchased online at loxone

Fun Chores App - ChoreMonster

With the ChoreMonster app household chores have never been so fun (and easy)! 

Kids Doing Chores

With this nifty app you can schedule in the chores you would like your kids to complete and assign points to each one. Then when your kids are finished, you can review their completed tasks and approve / reward them via the app. All of a sudden, emptying the dishwasher is fun when there are points up for grabs! ChoreMonster is free to download on the Apple App Store

Remote-Control Kettle – Firebox iKettle

Only five minutes away from your kitchen and dying for a brew? Let us introduce you to the iKettle by Firebox - we just love it!


Using the app you can pop the kettle on while on your way home or when you open your eyes in the morning. What’s not to love about a ready to go cuppa’? The iKettle is priced at £99 and can be pre-ordered online at (Available April 24th 2014).

Wi-Fi Wine Cooler – Elertus Wine Protection System

Want to make sure your Friday night glass of vino is perfectly chilled? Or wondered whether your teenage rogues have raided your stash?

With the Elertus App and Sensor, that fits onto most fitted wine coolers and connects using Wi-Fi, you can monitor both the temperature of your wine cooler and its security status! The Elertus Sensor cleverly alerts you with a text message when the door of the cooler has been opened so that sneaky intruders are always caught red handed.

Caple Wine Cooler

Why not couple the Elertus system with Betta Living’s bespoke Caple Fitted Wine Cooler (above) for stylish and intuitive wine storage?

The system is priced at £118 and can be bought online at (The app is available as a free download from the Apple App Store).

Remote Sky Record – Sky+ App

There’s nothing more annoying than getting to work and the whole office raving about the new programme on later… that you’ve forgotten to record. The Sky+ App will find the next airing and set it to record within seconds from the comfort of your desk so you never need miss out. And why not have a peek at what's on and view your recommendations whilst you’re at it? The Sky+App has been downloaded more than five million times and for very good reason – Homeland, Game of Thrones and Broadchurch to name a few! 

Sky + AppThe Sky+ App is completely free and can be downloaded via the Apple App Store.

We hope you enjoy these fabulous five apps. If you know of any others and would like to share – leave a comment or post them on our Facebook Page or send us a Tweet to @bettaliving.

For more tips on how to organise your home – see our brilliant storage solutions.

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