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Gadget Show Live 2014

The biggest gadget event of the year is back. Gadget Show Live throws open its doors on Wednesday, and is going to be bigger and better than ever. With over 200 exhibitors and thousands of futuristic products to play on, it's set to be a total technology overload.

Inspired by the Gadget Show Live here's Betta Living's top gizmos that make it on to our lusted after list that we would love to have in our homes.

Prepare to be amazed!

1.Glow LED Light Water Faucet Tap

Looking for a show-stopping kitchen gizmo to energise your kitchen and amaze your house guests? BuyinCoins’ Glow LED Light Water Faucet Tap lights up a set of LEDs when you turn on the tap so that your water appears to vibrantly steam in aluminous shades of red, blue and green. This tiny device can be easily fitted onto most taps with an additional extra thread adapter and is priced at only £1.38 on Add in Betta Living's LED colour-changing splashback for an ultra-wow-factor kitchen look and feel.

Glow LED Light Water Faucet Tap


2.  Sage™ Tea Maker™

The world’s first fully automatic tea maker, the Sage™ Tea Maker™ has your cuppa’ ready as you open your eyes in the morning. With its programmable start feature you can choose exactly what time you would like your cuppa’ ready, be it in the morning or when you return from work - what could be better? With fifteen pre-programmed settings, tea strengths and custom controls, this nifty Tea Maker is perfect for those total tea-crazy connoisseurs amongst us. Its motorised basket automatically lowers tea leaves in and out of the water at the right time to extract the most delicate flavours, creating the perfect brew. It is priced at £199.95 and can be purchased from John Lewis.

Sage ™ Tea Maker™

3. Wiki iMusic Pillow

We’ve found the answer to sheer bedtime bliss! We all enjoy listening to our favourite tracks whilst falling to sleep but sometimes headphones are just plain hazardous when you wake up in the middle of the night with your headphones tangled everywhere! Speakers are not always an option either and can cause much annoyance to your other half. Inside the iMusic pillow is an adapted speaker, which you simply plug your MP3 player or iPhone into and you can enjoy your music from the inside of your pillow as you rest your head. And the beauty of it is, no-one else can hear it! It is priced at £16.13 and can be bought online at

Wikki I Music Pillow 

4. Renew Sleep Clock

Tired of waking up feeling groggy? With Gear 4’s Renew Sleep Clock getting up for work in the morning need never feel so painful again. Its non-contact sensor measures breathing rates and movements, waking you up at the lightest moment in your sleeping cycle. The free download app also allows you to review your sleeping night by night with the sleeping stats it stores, giving you helpful hints on how to improve your sleeping pattern. The renew sleep clock is priced at £39.95 and can be purchased online at

Renew Sleep Clock 

5. Door Handle With Self-sterilisation System

Finally we have the self-sterilising door handle – an ultra-cleanly bathroom hygiene gadget that we just love! With bacteria and viruses such as new influenza being spread through hand contact as lazy house residents ‘forget’ to wash their hands, the self-sterilisation system lowers the risk of bacteria spreading through the home – particularly in high-risk zones such as the bathroom. Earning a Red Dot award for its innovation, Choi Bomi’s door handle sterilises itself with an internal UV light whilst not in use and turns itself off when the handle is touched. Unfortunately, this for now remains only a prototype but fingers crossed we see this fabulous innovation on the market very soon!

Door Handle With Self -sterilisation System


What are your must have gadgets that you couldn’t live without, would like or are yet to be invented? Share your high-tech finds with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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