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Marble effect Veneto kitchen worktop

We are delighted to have launched an exciting new marble-look worktop, the Veneto, at the Ideal Home Show and is only available in the UK through our 23 nationwide showrooms and design consultants.

The exclusive new GetaCore® Veneto, so named become of its Italian-roots and European innovation, offers the appearance of natural marble without the high cost associated with natural products. Where marble is priced at around £1600 for a 2000mm x 900mm worktop, our new Veneto worktop costs just £668 for 2000mm x 900mm worktop.

Not only does a Veneto worktop give the illusion of a luxurious marble finish, it offers an extremely high quality, durable acrylic bound solid surface that’s highly resistant to day to day usage. Non-porous, it is an extremely hygienic worktop option, which is easy to clean.

We are launching Veneto in three types of colour finish: Black, Pergamon and Fog Grey.

Veneto worktop in black

Image:  Veneto worktop in black

Veneto worktop in Pergamon

Image:  Veneto worktop in Pergamon

Where marble is cold to touch, Veneto has a warm and pleasant texture. It also has the same processing possibilities as wood-based materials, so it is very versatile for all size and shapes of kitchens.

The use of marble has remained a timeless trend within home interiors due since its aesthetic usage for sculptural purposes by the ancient Greeks and in 2014 the marble look is trending like never before.  The marble look is back and extremely popular for wall and floor tiling. Marble is a key look within kitchens and bathrooms and is now even more achievable in the kitchen environment with our new Veneto worktop helping UK homeowners enjoy the benefits of marble for less.

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