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Betta Trends

 Thursday brings a look at the Autumn and Winter Trends that Sian and Katie feel will be what we see flourishing in 2014.


Can you give some insight into what you feel will be popular in Autumn and Winter trends towards the back end of 2014? Would you agree with the Insight that came out of the recent Spring Fair which suggested Industrial Evolution, Modern Myth and Rendering Reality are the core trends?






 Sian A

What scary phrases, I am smiling right now :) No wonder some people are apprehensive about tackling interior design! Winter always brings sexier colours, I'm betting on deep scarlets to be hot soon although deep dark blue have been appearing on schemes everywhere.

The industrial look is moving to a more luxurious feel, focusing more on details like cogs, turned bolts and carved details. Most people can't fit half a machine turned into a table in their homes, so the trend is evolving into something more do-able. See Tom Dixon's cogs or Buster & Punch's hero light, for example. It's softened with luxurious materials like velvet and blown glass.

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon Cogs

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The same goes for the vintage trend, which is already moving on from the shabby to the sophisticated but far better to mix the two. I love that clients are increasingly open to mixing second hand finds with beautifully crafted new items.

Grey as a palette will be around for quite a while, it's a perfect backdrop for so many different looks from Scandi, modern, vintage, natural or full on colour pop.

Intricate, advanced patterns which are still organic and attractive will start to come through as popular, I think, with a sophisticated space age feel. I'm imagining Lunar Lace right now! Similar to the Timorous Beastie Medium Grand lace fabric. The counter balance to that will be a more retro look, think wonderful 50's and 60's furniture pieces upholstered in exciting modern fabrics & on trend patterns, chevrons, geometric monochrome, eg Another Country's Small Cubes fabric.


Timorous Beastie Lace Fabric

Timorous Beastie



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 Katie T

As we go into Autumn / Winter, the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, it’s likely that the Scandinavian influence will become stronger again, and we’ll see natural materials, hand-crafted objects and indigenous crafts such as Mexican Otomi Indian embroidery influencing interiors. People will be seeking comfort and reassurance which will come through investing in quality and something that has seen the touch of a human hand.

Mexican Otomi

Mexican Otomi

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Regarding the Spring Fair trend of Industrial Revolution, there is inevitably a blurring of hand-crafted and manufacturing as designers try to work out more economical ways of producing ‘hand-crafted’ products - Floris Wubben’s extruded ceramics and Farg & Blanche’s Wood Tailoring are both good examples of this. And wire-framed lighting and furniture was certainly a key trend at M&O. Modern Myth is seen in the very Scandi use of furs and throws, and the revival of indigenous crafts, often with a contemporary design twist. With regard to Rendering Reality, geometric shapes (especially stripes and chevrons) and ombre colourways are definitely still on-trend, but there is also a move towards authenticity and away from any form of trickery or deceit.

Floris Wubben

Floris Wubben

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