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Love the home you have

Hello February! The month of romance, love hearts and red roses. Red is the colour of the feng shui fire element, the colour of warmth, excitement and passion. Just like we need warmth in the cool wet Winter season, the same applies to your home. We thought we'd show you how to add red, the colour of love, to your interiors.

Red Room Collage2

1. Add feature tiles, artwork or new towels in red for a modern bathroom update.

2. Update bedding to bring red to a bedroom like this Luella Strawberry design & throws by Kirsty Allsopp.

3. Add favourite photos of your loved ones to a red Photoframe from Umbra.

4. This RED Clocky Special Edition Alarm Clock will wake you & 5% will go towards supporting the global RED fund.

5. Add a red glow to any room with a candle, we love this special edition RED Tomato Pop Candle from Jonathan Adler it looks great and also benefits the Global RED Fund.

6. Add bright red to worktops with this Watermelon worktop saver.

7. Go bold in the kitchen with this 1950's retro fridge freezer in red from Smeg.

8. Introduce a new shade by updating your kitchen stools like with this Brescia design.

9. We love the designer touch Plumen light bulbs add even more with a red flex.

Is red a colour you have or would add to your home? Do you have any favourites from the items we've chosen?

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