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Geometric bathroom wall tiles

The combinations available with tiles the choice of colours, shapes and finishes are limitless. Whether you are designing a new kitchen or bathroom or looking to freshen up your existing rooms add the wow factor with some of these tile ideas.

1. Chic wood-effect porcelain tiles for floors

Grey remains an on-trend colour and an ideal flooring colour especially in high footfall areas of the home like kitchens, family and living rooms. Wooden flooring brings warmth to a room it can be a challenge to keep it looking good and these wood-effect porcelain tiles are a modern take on timber in the home. The only thing is crockery won't survive being dropped on the ceramic version of wooden flooring!


Image source: driftwood Grey wood-effect porcelain tiles

2. Patterned bathroom floor tiles & fashionable geometric designs

Go bold with geometric inspired tiles. With crisp lines and a retro flavour these dynamic patterns can create statement rooms. The installation below uses a mix of two tones of the same pattern for a bathroom to spend time in.


Image shown Miroir by Viva

3. Marble using realistic digitally-printed marble tiles

Marble has always created a timeless look and been a popular choice for floors but at a price. Now with digital printing you don't need to be able to afford the real thing and can have the luxury look without compromise and with the many installation and maintenance benefits of porcelain tiles. Great value for money for the look they achieve, these tiles are not just for floors they look great on walls, bath panels and shower surrounds.


Image shown: Calacatta digital printing full polished glazed porcelain tile with marble look.

4. Mosaic tiles and metal tiles

Mosaic tiles add detail to modern rooms and combining them with metal tiles brings a luxurious shimmer and a glamourous update as used here in this kitchen splashback.


5. Neutral matte tiles in shades of natural concrete.

Adding natural textures can create a classic look. Use these new matte tiles which are available in colours from the palest of greys to the boldest off-blacks, bring the soft, powdery matte finish of natural concrete to your room. These tiles can be used on walls, floors, splashbacks and to create wet room looks. Concrete is not just for outside the home and much more than something to stand on I think you will agree …


Image courtesy of

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