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Winter White Wonderland

This time of the year is the perfect opportunity to inject a fresh winter wonderland feel to the home. We caught up with our interior design expert Jamie Dean who explained how to achieve the look. 

Use white to give the illusion of space

In addition to being a design classic that offers unrivalled flexibility in terms of accessorising, a major draw of a white surface is its light reflecting property - which in a fitted kitchen can make a small room look larger. And through winter, with shorter days, the extra light created is of great value to many people, especially those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  

White can be used as a base colour with 'pops' of colour 

It's undeniable that white looks great. A crisp white finish is so chic and timeless, and the perfect blank canvas to touches of colour through splash backs, walls and tiles, appliances or work surfaces.

Betta Living’s Pasadena kitchen shows how a bright colour mixed with white can really enhance the look of a room. 


Combine white with contrasting tones 

Our Alderley design, shown here in chalk, has a timeless classic feel to it.  The white finish combines with wooden worktops and sunken breakfast bar to create a fresh and spacious feel, like a Winter walk in the woods.


White worktops look like a lovely layer of snow and can truly transform the look and feel of a kitchen. Cranford’s distinctive design, shown here in smart charcoal and chalk, combine beautifully with white worktops.

Cranford -charcoal -chalk

Bedroom Bliss

Introducing white in the bedroom will help to create the feeling of space as well as a scene like freshly fallen snow!

Take some inspiration from our bedroom collections. 

To maximise light and add extra seasonal sparkle opt for white glass sliding wardrobes and feel like a snow queen in your own home. 

Slide -white -glass

Our Brilliance fitted bedroom demonstrates how fresh, clean and spacious white can make a bedroom feel. 

Top Tip: Plinth lighting will add to the Winter wonderland effect.


Use white as the base colour and introduce soft colours to create a calm and relaxing environment in the bedroom. 

Top Tip: Stick to one colour theme. Green bedding, throws, rugs and cushions in different tones add warm in an instant. 

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