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Christmas Entertaining Guide

Christmas is literally around the corner; you’ve bought your presents and wrapped them up, the Christmas tree is up and your house is looking festively fab. All you need to do now is plan for the numerous parties you’ve decided to hold over the Christmas and New Year period…….but this is when the panic often starts.

Guests aren’t expecting a dinner party a la Buckingham Palace and here at Betta Living we’re here to help. Here are our top five tips to see you through the next couple of weeks….  

Christmas -panic1 –
Do not panic!

This is the most important point to remember. Get yourself a pad and pen, or laptop and write down all the parties you are hosting, how many guests are invited to each one, the dishes you are making per party, the number of chairs, plates, cutlery and glasses you will need and what drinks you are serving. (NB always cater for a few extra guests just in case!) Then decide what can be made in advance and frozen and what has to be made on the day/day before. Order what you can for home delivery and from local suppliers – that way you can pick up your groceries when it suits your schedule. Finally, jot down your to do list day by day – that way you will probably only have three or four things to do a day instead of a list of 20 things that all have to done at the same time.

You will feel so much calmer if you break it down into bit sized chunks, instead of grouping all the parties into one.


2 – Share the load

Yule -logIf desserts aren’t your thing then ask some of your guests to bring one with them, but remember to write who is bringing what. This isn't failing to be the hostess with the mostest – often people like to feel involved and helpful.


3 – Don’t forget to think about music

Christmas _PlaylistOf course throw in some cheesy Christmas songs, but think about the age groups at each party and, if possible, cater for all tastes – what granny likes at a family get together might not be the same as your neighbours on Boxing Day!


4 – If you feel the need – cheat!

There’s no shame in mixing and matching supermarket prepared food with home cooked. It makes the whole day a lot easier and cuts down on the prep time and washing up. Make a list now and then order online ASAP for delivery the day before the party.

 Christmas -glasses

5 – Have fun and enjoy the party!

It’s no good spending the whole of your party in the kitchen, even following just some of the points above will help to ensure you relax and enjoy socialising with your friends and family.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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