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Best Christmas Gift Hiding Places

With storage space an increasing household challenge, where to hide presents in the lead up to the big day can pose a big problem. But a good hiding place is a necessity because according to our latest survey has revealed two-thirds of British adults can’t help but search for hidden gifts with women being more inquisitive than men with 83% admitting to seeking out presents compared with only 52% of men.

Our poll also found 91% fake ‘surprise’ on Christmas Day. Men admitted they didn’t bother to hide presents that well, with the car boot being the favoured place and under the bed a close second. If you're looking for some inspiration to hide your gifts here are the top five hiding places:

Men ’s Top Five Hiding Places

Men’s Top Five Hiding Places:

  1. Car boot                       31%
  2. Under the bed                27%
  3. Top of the wardrobe        21%
  4. Office                          19%
  5. The loft                        12%

Womens Top Five Hiding Places

Women’s Top Five Hiding Places:

  1. Friend’s / Neighbour's house 34%
  2. The shed or garage 31%
  3. Under the bed 26%
  4. Kitchen cupboards 15%
  5. The loft 11%

If you are in the 67% of UK who say they actively go searching for gifts hidden around the home, bear in mind a massive 87% actually admitted that they wish they hadn’t seen them! And of those who can’t help but peek, 91% keep quiet about these discoveries and fake ‘surprise’ on Christmas Day.

A lack of storage at home, an increase in online deliveries and bad hiding techniques have been blamed for the phenomenon, with 8% of us seeing gifts just left out in full view! It's time that we all got a little bit more imaginative in how we can keep surprise gifts hidden better. Surely everyone loves a surprise on Christmas Day?

Here are our Top Tips for keeping gifts a surprise:

Top Tips Gifts

WRAP! Don’t leave your wrapping until the last minute – this way if your gifts are found, it’s less tempting to peek!

HOME OFFICE – If you have a private domain, like a home office this is the perfect spot to hide presents – as long as they’re behind closed doors

GO HIGH – If you have fitted wardrobes, stash gifts at the top to deter loved ones venturing up there

OUT OF THE BOX – Utilise the space in your kitchen – use the back of cupboards to store unusual sized items

DISGUISE – Hide gifts in towels, or in piles of bedding or in suitcases

We do hope these tips will help to keep your Christmas gifts a surprise on Christmas Day. Now tell us, where is your favourite gift hiding place and are you a secret gift peeker?

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