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This Christmas don’t forget to treat your home to a few festive treats. With these homemade ideas there really is no excuse not to indulge in some creative sparkle. ChristmasjamjarsWe love this idea, by hanging pretty glass jars via a ribbon from a decorated branch across a window, hang flowers and berries to create a stunning display.

Christmas Preserves

With the kitchen central to Christmas celebrations make sure you add some festive cheer. Brighten up a corner by tying coloured string around vibrant paper on jar lids.

Make your own ‘Noel’ bunting for your fireplace out of wooden cut out letters, beads and hearts, threaded through piece of rustic string.


The woodland theme is huge this Christmas, bring the outside in by making a display of bark candleholders.


Thanks to Home to Home for these lovely ideas.  Will you be trying any of these festive home styling crafts this December?  Do let us know!


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