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Client’s lifestyle requirements for kitchen design have changed significantly over the past few years with one in five planning to blend their separate living room and cooking spaces* into a single area sociable entertaining space for cooking, eating and living.  Below our Harvard design fitted kitchen has been carried through to a lounge area. Modern, fresh and appealing, the Harvard is a design that works well in every home.



Known as “blending” the ever-popular desire for open plan living is as strong as ever in 2013. We're not just talking about knocking down a wall between cooking and living areas, but introducing design features that ensure social and culinary lifestyles are truly intertwined. Built in seating and introducing dresser style displays are favoured features in 2013’s kitchen designs.  Shown below built in seating and additional stroage in our Betta Living’s Warminster kitchen.

10_15 Collage


In the main, customers are still more interested in how the new kitchen will look and maximising storage space. Traffic flow only applies in really large kitchens with dinning areas. By clever designing you can achieve their goal whilst increasing storage space as well.  Where space is a little more restrictive, the island unit – like below our New England Maple Kitchen has been laid out to provide seating and bring out everyone's inner TV Chef!  The key for us as designers is to open customer's eyes to what can be achieved.  

New -england -maple


For us at Betta Living it’s about continuing to provide innovative products matched with exceptional value. We have to keep responding to how consumers live and use their kitchens, and technology does play a big part in this. We’re increasingly a society of multi-media users, recyclers and use the kitchen to socialise in – kitchen design at all levels of the market will continue to adapt and facilitate this.

*Data source: The Telegraph 



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