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Today is 10th October and there are 75 days until Christmas, like it or not the annual festive season is just around the corner.  Are you in denial or are you ready?  Specifically is your guest room fit for your holiday guests? 

For the majority of households guest rooms have a dual purpose, which is why Betta Living are often asked to help with the design challenge this presents when for most of the year they are an office, study, laundry or general dumping ground.  

Overnight house guests aren't expecting hotel-like accommodation from your spare room, but everyone wants to be as good a host as you can be. Here are our top tips to help you with some simple touches can make all the difference to make your Christmas guests stay extra-special. 

Top tips on guest room etiquette 

1.  The “just in case” basket.  Fill a basket with items visitors may have forgotten or need.  Collect mini samples from travels, department stores and goodies free with magazines and include a new toothbrush – the most forgotten item. Even label it …Please Help Yourself.  

2.  Give your home aroma.  If the room isn't regularly used make sure it is well aired and add a room fragrance, the scent of lavender or roses has a relaxing effect for guests before bedtime. It’s also useful to have a scented candle or fragrance spray in the room for a ‘just prior to arrival freshen up’.   

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3.  Connected comfort. Something as simple as making sure there is a spare socket for guests to charge their phones and a note in the bedroom with your Wi-Fi access key for guests to get online is a fabulously welcoming touch.  

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4.  Thoughtful if thirsty. Leave a bottle of mineral water and drinking glass in the room so guests don't have to get up in the night in an unfamiliar space.

5.  Oh we do like to see beside the bedside… a working lamp; an essential for a room that is unfamiliar to guests who don’t want to navigate the room in the dark. Plus providing a clock and decorative bowl by the bed for guests to keep their belongings jewellery, keys etc. are two other nice touches for comfort and easy to achieve.

Glass Bowlsthumbnail6.  Spare pillows tied with ribbon are not only make a stylish addition to a room, but it’s practical if guests like more than one or two pillows for their perfect night’s sleep. 

7.  A pile of clean towels (preferably that have been given 10 minutes in the tumble dryer that day to fluff and freshen them up) with a little ribbon tied around may be all that’s needed to create an inviting atmosphere.   

Remember your guests have come to see you and the time and attention you show your guests matters more than the food or the house.  

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