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 Sarah Dickson

Sarah Dickson has her finger on the pulse when it comes to interior design, stylish homewares, furniture and home appliances.  

Sarah is responsible for making sure our showrooms and room sets wow and inspire Betta Living customers.  

We spent five minutes with Sarah Dickson to find out more about her passion for interior design and where she draws her inspiration. She also shared her advice, insights and top tips with us. 







1.      If you could start by telling us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I have worked for Betta Living for about 18 months, but I did work here before many moons ago as well. I love it so much I had to come back!  My role at Betta Living involves creating in-store room sets that showcase our fitted furniture and that give our customers ideas and inspiration for their homes.

2.      What’s a typical workday like?

That’s a hard question as every day is very different really.  I normally have a number of projects on the go at any one time so there is lots of juggling.  

I have just completed the new Gateshead store's ground floor and we are nearing completion of the mezzanine floor there, which is a little different to what we have done before. It will display free standing furniture sets that include four poster beds, venetian & boutique style furniture and lots of lovely accessories to match.  Here's a sneak preview of what you will find on the mezzanine floor at our Gateshead store.

Sarah Collage

3.      How would you describe your style in your own home?

I would say my home is modern but homely.  I have just finished my lounge, which I am really happy with. Everybody who visits seems to love it, which is always nice to hear.  My hallway is a little quirky, I have gone for a feather style wallpaper.

4.      Are there any challenges designing rooms where the fitted furniture needs to be the main feature?

What I do is look at the style of furniture and then try to marry up wallpaper and accessories to emphasise this.  I am trying to give our customers ideas and inspiration. Some sets will not be to everyone's style, but by creating lots of different sets I hope to suit most styles and tastes.

5.      What advice would you give to our readers who are looking to create a stylish interior?

Find an item you love and draw inspiration from that.  Do lots of research on the theme you have in your mind, create a mood board to see if it really does work for you and put different styles together.  Remember it's OK to mix things up a little.

6.      Any specific advice and top tips when it comes to styling?

In a bedroom, pick a colour that you love and that makes you feel relaxed and happy… you don’t want to design a room that makes you feel grumpy – that is not a great start to the day!

For a kitchen, again this depends on the style of kitchen you have and its function.  In our Linear white gloss kitchen I have used glass accessories and bright coloured stools to add pops of colour to the room.

Linear Gateshead 02

The Cranford is quite traditional by design but with a modern twist. I have added feature wallpaper to give it another dimension.

Cranford Gateshead 01

For bathrooms, particularly smaller bathrooms, less is more. Work out how you would like it to look and again draw inspiration from images.  Consider different textures and fabrics as well as colours.  

BT1 PJH Gateshead 02

7.      How do you stay up to date on trends? Any websites or blogs you would recommend?

Living Etc is always good to take a look at.  Harlequin is a fab site for inspiration, I love the styles, the different prints and textures they have.  Betta Living also have some stunning accessories online too, I find it quite hard not ordering items for myself on a daily basis especially when we have new items being added all the time.

I look at images on interior design via Google images, you can spend hours & hours looking other people's room layouts and designs, they are all great sources of inspiration - and of course make sure you are following Betta Living on Pinterest

8.      Hypothetical question: You can only style interiors in various shades of one colour. What colour would it be and why?

Tough question, but I have to admit I am a fan of grey - there are so many variations of this colour. It's also modern and traditional, warm and cold… and it's very on trend at the moment.

If you have any questions for Sarah we’d love to pass them along!  Either post a comment or chat to us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll ask the expert!


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