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Colour of the Month

From Halloween goodies in local shops to fancy dress outfits and pumpkins stacked high in the supermarket, pumpkin orange is everywhere!

But it’s a colour that can work really well in the home … and there is no better time to introduce this gorgeous Autumn hue.

It can be used all round the house as an accent colour or a main feature in a room – from bedroom blinds, through to kitchen splashbacks to a feature wall in any room, pumpkin orange instantly makes a style statement and brings personality to a room.

So here’s Betta Living's ode to the pumpkin

For Dining Areas:

Apollo Orange Pleated Kitchen    BOTANIST Apollo Burnt Orange Scheme

Pleated blinds by Apollo Blinds. £87, with roller blinds (right) from £62. 

In the kitchen:

Colour can be introduced into the kitchen in a variety of ways – whether it be colour on the units, splash backs or a feature wall.  Orange looks great in a kitchen and can really liven it up

Kitchen Kitchen by Betta Living. The Kansas Nocino kitchen starts from £3,796 (based on a guide layout)

For the bathroom: 

Bathrooms are one of the easiest place to introduce colour – and pumpkin orange really brings the whole room to life and makes it fun for all the family. 


Bathroom by Betta Living. The Sigma Bathroom is priced from £2,945

For the lounge:

Orange Lounge Blackout Amber Malmaison  Lounge Orange

For the bedroom

Roller Orange Bedroom   002 Skylight Orange


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