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Betta Living Beds

We should aim to spend at least eight hours in it every night and it is one of the most important items of furniture in the home when it comes to comfort...yes, a bed!

Whether it’s a single, double, king or super king, who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of getting into bed at the end of a long day? 

To coincide with the extra hour in bed this weekend, Betta Living has released a new collection of beds. And as the cold and dark nights set in there is no better excuse to treat yourself to a new bed from this stunning new collection.

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Awkward Spaces 2 Sm [2]

Image shown above, Betta Living Angled Nocino Sliding Wardrobes.

Betta Living Cassia #2C7BB2

Image shown above, Betta Living Cassia Bedroom.

If you're looking for a bedstead, luxurious mattresses, divan, frame or headboard take a look at the Betta Living collection.


For additional storage check out our selection of Divan beds, and with a variety of mattresses, headboard options and colour co-ordinated fabrics to compliment bedroom designs there is literally something for everyone. 

We’d love to hear what you think of the new range. 

Enjoy your extra hour in bed this Sunday! 

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