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Shoe Storage

It seems women are head over heels about shoes - owning on average 34 pairs of shoes and boots, 50% more than two years ago and spending a whopping £10,000 in a lifetime on their fancy footwork.

This trend has dramatically increased the number of pairs we’re cramming at the bottom of the wardrobe, under beds and in spare room cupboards.  It's not just the girls either, a surprising fact is that men aren’t far behind with the number of pairs averaging out at 14 at any one time.  

Betta Living undertook research to inform their shoe storage solution and determine the size requirements.  The average female’s shoe collection includes stilettos, work shoes (with a lower heel), wedges or espadrilles, knee length boots, shoe boots, flat boots, flip flops, sandals, pumps and trainers. They are stored, in order of popularity, in wardrobes, in cloakrooms, under beds, under the stairs, in chests of drawers, in cubby-holes and even in lofts and garages – basically in any available space!  Betta Living created this infographic based on the findings.  

If you too love shoes, Betta Living are running a competition to win one of their shoe storage solutions as well as £1000 of shoes to fill it on their facebook page, simply enter to win here (ends 30th September 2013) 


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