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Tropical Trends


We are thrilled to have an exciting and exclusive guest post from Alwyn Human, Style Director at Hangar Seven.  Alwyn works with Betta Living and many other consumer and retail brands to stay ahead of the design curve, he's very much the man with his finger on the pulse when it comes to all things style and design. 

Those of you who are obsessed with home interior design will be interested to find out what the key trends are coming up for home interior design in Spring Summer 2014.  Clean lines, natural finishes and colour, lots of colour and in all shades are just a few interior design trends that promise to be loud during 2014.

Here's an exclusive round up from Alwyn of we can expect to be on trend in the first half of next year.

Unforeseen curio

Taking inspiration from mid-century design and artwork the trend encompasses the ideals and romance of yesteryear. Soft delicate pastels in natural hues are offset with unexpected primary colours creating contrasting bursts of life to a room.

Unforseen Collage2

Furniture pieces are simple with clean lines and natural finishes, such as wood and marble. When used, all man-made finishes are painted in rich colours. This adds to the almost sketched artistry feel of this trend.

Unforseen Collage

There are no defined boundaries as to how colour can be used, why stop on walls? Run colour onto the ceiling and floor. The key is that it needs to be loose and hand finished. Think of your room as an abstract painting from the 50’s.

Unforseen Collage3

Urban warrior

This fun playful trend with strong eastern European cultural design references is all about playful escapism. Bright bold patterns manufactured in wool, felt, dyed linens and printed designs clash beautifully.

Urban Collage1

This look is not about matching things up by colour or design, it is transient and in a constant state of change. It’s about creating a harmonious home using handmade items that are nostalgic and carefree. Knitted tea cosies, hand woven bowls, rugs and repurposed items. Throughout there is strong referencing to childhood innocence.

Urban Collage2

Key design features include: woodland creatures, especially foxes and birds and suggestions of childhood games such as cowboys and Indians. There are no rules here apart from having fun and collecting things which make you happy.

Urban Collage3

Defined colour flow

This trend is an evolution and step forward from the ombre trend we saw this year. In the ombre trend the focus was on colours seamlessly flowing from one hue into the next.  Dip dye was the in thing and we all loved it.

Defined Collage2

Defined colour flow moves us into the digital era of refined technological manufacturing and printing processes. The key here is seeing the defined boundaries of how colours move from one hue into the next. Furniture pieces are painted in sections of colour in tonal hues to define and bring it to life. Hay studios are at the core of the fabric printing process where its textiles are a visual marvel of colour.

Defined Collage1

Colour flow from pastels into brighter hues and are off set with white surfaces and unfinished materials such as bleached wood. In practice this can work in two ways: either by having coloured furniture in a room with pastel walls and a white floor, or a room where the coloured stripes are painted on the walls and the furniture is white.

Defined Collage4

Colour Play

Vibrant, structured, architectural and explosive; Colour play focuses on the dramatic impact colour and architectural structures have in spaces.  Overall the pallet is an unexpected explosion of bright colours that seemingly clash and erupt when used in conjunction with strong shapes.

Colour Collage2

This is very much a man-made trend with strong emphasis on man-made finishes such as concrete, glass, steel and coloured Perspex. Skeletal furniture pieces with wire frames shape and add texture.  The use of these geometric shapes; both in furniture and existing architectural focal points such as staircases and doorways define a space into clear areas. It creates depth to what would naturally be a basic room. This is a great look for summer if you want to go bold and bright and make a confident design statement.

Colour Collage1

Tropical Escapes

Gone are the days of formal interiors, we now long to retreat to a home or space that gives us a sense of diversion and comfort. From this notion comes the trend tropical escapes. Bright floral and tropical birds are digitally printed on surfaces such as fabric, wood and ceramics.

Tropical Collage2

They are vibrant, bold and oversized and used in mass. Dark mossy greens are lifted with bright neon’s and offset with contrasting materials such as wood, Perspex, coloured glass, plastic, concrete and steel. The look is edgy and electric.

Tropical Collage3

Walls are not just for painting; use a mural in full oversized leaf print to transform a room into an imaginative surreal space that will transport you to a tranquil tropical paradise. 

Tropical 4

Which is your favourite trend for Spring Summer 2014?  Will you be embracing any of these in particular in your home?  We look forward to hearing your thoughts Betta blog readers, you can chat to us on Twitter @BettaLiving or over on our Facebook page

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