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Betta Living Nostalgia

Do you ever look back fondly at some of your childhood possessions and the memories they evoke? Or wistfully think of a time when knitted dolls sat on loo rolls and teapots had a ‘cosy’? Well, you aren’t the only one that’s keen to cast their mind back to yesteryear.

In an age when people seem to be increasingly busy, it can be refreshing to look to a time when the Tamagotchi was your first taste of responsibility and success meant completing a Rubik’s Cube.

A survey compiled by Betta Living, Britain’s favourite home retailer, revealed that more women across Britain played with magnetic fridge letters than men, and whilst 100 per cent of male respondents in Scotland enjoyed playing with their Slinky, only 53 per cent of Scottish women took pleasure in this pastime.

But that wasn’t all; the survey also unveiled some interesting differences between regions of the UK.  Northerners, for example, are twice as likely to be familiar with knitted loo roll ladies than those in the south, and four times more likely to remember furry toilet seat warmers – perhaps proving that it is colder up north!

And whilst seven out of ten people from Northern Ireland have fond memories of the crocheted doily, only two out of ten people in the rest of the UK remember this ornamental, old fangled solution to table mats. The survey also uncovered the nation’s eating habits, with 33 per cent of Northern Irish respondents remember the folding TV tray tables, compared to 6 per cent of the UK as a whole.

The years of the dream catcher and the Easy Bake Oven may have passed, but they will forever remain in our hearts. And luckily, thanks to technological developments since the View-Master, you can awaken your warmest childhood memories and share them with your friends online…

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