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We are all very excited at Betta Living to be taking part in our very own Macmillan Coffee Morning.

Macmillan coffee mornings have been taking place since 1990 and this weekend all of our showrooms across 23 locations will be taking part to raise money for a charity close to many people’s hearts. Starting today and for the remainder of the weekend each showroom will be hosting their own coffee morning, whereby one of our glamorous kitchen displays will be decorated with a selection of home-made cakes and freshly brewed coffee for our customers to indulge.

Our showroom demonstrators have gone the extra mile to add their own personal touches to each coffee morning by baking and providing a range of their favourite cakes and snacks, some of which have been baked in store. Cakes and beverages have and will continue to be sold for the rest of the weekend to raise money for Macmillan.

In addition to providing various delicious snacks there are also various competitions taking place including a raffle.

Each showroom has also purchased a variety of Macmillan merchandise including balloons, table cloths, posters and banners which have been festooned over various kitchen, bedroom and bathroom arrangements. These have also been displayed in our showroom windows to raise awareness of our coffee mornings and to invite customers in.

Brewing up in Blackpool

In our Blackpool branch, our showroom demonstrator Peni has draped our fabulous Pasadena kitchen with an array of her home made biscuits, cakes and scones.  Peni has also provided a variation of hot and cold beverages for our customers to enjoy whilst they peruse our kitchens and bedrooms in store.  

In addition to baking various delicious treats for our customers to enjoy, Peni has also decorated various displays with Macmillan balloons and merchandise. 

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