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At Betta Living we have recently added to our worktop range with the addition of Smartstone Worktops, an affordable solid surfacing with extraordinary looks and inconspicuous seams.  

Worktops are an important feature in a kitchen. Not only highly practical, they can really transform the look of a room and act as a design feature in their own right. 

Worktops have their own ‘trends’ and come in a wide range of price points depending on the type of material, but inexpensive doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality and finish.


Available in four different colours, Blanche, Crème, Etoile Noir and Grise, Smartstone is favoured because it is a cost-effective way to finish off a kitchen to a very high standard. It’s ideal for homeowners looking for a quality worktop but whose budget won’t stretch to Granite.

Not sure which surface is right for you here's a low down on our worktop ranges from best for those on a budget with our laminate range in price ascending order through to the luxurious natural stone of Granite, here's what you need to know:

  • Laminate
  • Encore
  • Smartstone
  • Quartz Stone
  • Granite


Classed as the public’s favourite by Betta Living designer Jamie Dean, Laminate worktops are the ideal choice for those looking for durability, a wide choice of colours and great value for money. In addition, Betta Living’s matte laminate has an inbuilt microband system kills off 99% of germs. Created after the E. Coli outbreak with a simple wipe down the worktop is guarded against many common germs found in a kitchen. Eight colours in the collection include Crystal, Lima, Kota, Puno, Iquitos Noir, Beech, Maryland Fonce and Caphorn.


A fantastic feature of Encore is that is doesn’t have any joins – it’s seamless. Extremely hardwearing, Encore is similar to laminate but due to its properties Encore can be buffed and polished back to its original form meaning it can look new years after it has been installed. Betta Living offers Encore in a variety of seven shades – from dark shades of Anthracite and Storm to more neutral based colours like Pearl Grey, Calico and Cinnamon. (Pictured below: Encore solid surface worktop in Cinnamon.) 

Bushboard 's  Encore Solid Surface Worktop In Cinnamon LS Lo Res

Quartz Stone 

Quartz Stone has the same properties as Granite but is more vivid than granite and offers a consistency of shades and textures. Quartz Stone is effectively crushed Granite with added elements to set off a worktop in real style. Available in a dazzling array of eight colours, those with the budget to create a show-stopping kitchen should opt for Quartz Stone. 


Probably the most well known worktop, Granite’s unique design adds an individual style to a kitchen. Made from natural stone that’s between 40,000 and 60,000 years old, Betta Living Granite worktops are available in eight different colours including Nero Assoluto, Black Galaxy and Baltic Brown. Granitie is a high quality product with fantastic durability.

 Granite _Image

One of Betta Living designer’s favourite is Black Galaxy that has silver and gold flex to create a real wow factor. Those wanting a lighter finish could choose to opt for the Bianco Sarde colourway


Jamie Dean from Betta Living said: “We have seen a growing trend for thinner worktops, people are really considering this as a design element in the kitchen. The new Smartstone worktop is available in a thinner profile of 20mm, which is proving to be very popular.   

He adds: “With a choice of texture and finishes, there is a worktop solution for every kitchen and something to suit most budgets. From affordable and attractive Laminate to Quartz Stone which is more durable. Each worktop can be tailored for any size of kitchen and Betta Living in store designs will be able to advise on the best worktop for any space, whether that its an open plan sizeable kitchen or a more compact studio apartment kitchen.”  

For more information and help deciding on the right kitchen design and worktop for you to arrange a free design consultation visit and no obligation quote visit or call 0808 159 3416.  

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