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Cassia Bi Fold

Maximise space in your home to create a light and a spacious feel ready for the winter.

We have compiled our top five tricks that will make your home look bigger than it is.

One Colour Fits All

Stick to the same colour theme for the smallest room of the house. Furniture should be the same colour or as near to your wall colour as possible. This will give the impression of a much larger room.

The Cassia and Valentino bedroom show how complementing colours add light and space to a bedroom.

08_19 Betta Living BedroomsReflect the light 

Reflective surfaces will reflect the light and shine, don’t worry this doesn’t mean having glass everywhere (which can be tricky to clean) Anything gold, silver or metallic that glimmers in the light will do the trick.

All of these help to reflect the light, from mirrored wardrobes to metallic accessories. 

08_19 MetallicsClever Furniture

There are a number of furniture options that will work in the home. Sofa beds might seem old fashioned but they are a great way of doubling up and fold down tables and chairs are perfect for smaller dining areas. Multi functional furniture is a great investment for smaller rooms. The Betta Living Lucetta home office come complete with a drop down bed which really makes use of the space.

08_19 Multi FunctionalStorage

Make as much use of wall space as you can by fitting a tall and narrow bookcase or shelving unit. Storing magazines, books and cd’s out of sight will leave a room neat and tidy, having lots of items floating around any room will make it appear smaller than it really is. 

These bookcases certainly do the job.

08_19 BookcasesRenovate  

If you have a bigger budget there are other enhancements that you could make to create more space. Could you knock through a wall for example to make a kitchen bigger and create a kitchen//diner? Open plan living is very popular and is a great way of instantly creating more space in a home.

The Harvard, New York and Warminster kitchen from Betta Living demonstrate how kitchen and dining areas can work very successfully.

08_19 Betta Living Kitchens

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