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cassia bathroom

The long warm days of summer might be here for a few more weeks but Betta Living's design team is already looking ahead to Autumn. Try these three design tips to up date your home with the latest trends.

Homes trends predominantly mirror the catwalk - whether it’s in the kitchen, bedroom, living room or bathroom. These latest looks will ensure your home is styled perfectly for autumn/winter 2013 and beyond. 

Go for Gold

Gold is making a statement as one of the hot colours for autumn/winter 2013. Copy this trend and take some inspiration from Betta Living’s Cassia bathroom that has a Grecian and luxury feel to it.

cassia bathroom

Grey and White is the new monochrome 

Keep your look classic, but with a modern twist for 2013, with grey and white - a key trend that can be applied easily to so many rooms in the house, from cushions and prints in a living room to a full kitchen revamp. Take some inspiration from our Tampa and Horizon Collection.


If you don’t fancy a full kitchen overhaul why not refresh worktops. Betta Living has a selection of worktops from Granite, Quartz Stone and Laminate, there is something to suit every budget.

Grey and white also works really well in the bedroom.

Cassia Bi Fold  

Colour Pop

Add a burst of colour - a trend that's not gong to go away any time soon! 

Sliding wardrobes with a rich colour can transform a bedroom, this blast of mulberry adds atmosphere and warmth to this bedroom featuring sliding wardrobes. 

Bright Purple And Pink

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