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Betta Living Pasadena Kitchen

We are delighted to welcome Alan Connon, kitchen expert and Regional Manager from Betta Living to the Betta Living blog. Alan is here to share his best advice on the small things everyone can do that can make a big difference, when it comes to refreshing a kitchen there are many crafty ways to save money.  

Clever kitchen ideas to save cash...

Consumers have become savvy to the fact that they can get a designer look but don't have to pay the designer prices. Just like high street fashion firms Betta Living are never far behind the new trends, adapting them for the high street.

Kitchen Cabinets


Keeping storage functional not fancy is one way to save money, upright bi-fold larder units are very popular in modern kitchens and they are great way to save money due to their multi functional use.

If you are on a tight budget choose the biggest size you can afford in terms of fitted furniture (furniture is available up to 1200mm wide) and incorporate this into the design. This will reduce the number of pieces of furniture required to fill the room and reduces fitting costs.

Bi-fold larders have huge storage capacity and can often work out to be more cost effective than having a row of base units and separate wall units.

Top Tips:

1. Don't be fooled that small is cheaper when it comes to appliances - slimline dishwashers for example are more expensive than standard sized ones

2. An electric hob tends to be cheaper to install vs. gas


There are a range of worktops for every budget, from affordable and attractive Laminate to Quartzstone which is more durable. Granite worktops are still very popular but if granite prices are not part of the plan opt for Oncore, which is considerably cheaper and considered to be an alternative to Corian® It has a very similar appearance and can be worked similarly to Corian®

Oncore's structure gives it great performance characteristics including excellent stain resistance properties, heat tolerance, great scratch, chip, shatter and wear properties.

Top Tip:

1. Betta Living recommends a laminate worktop with Microban, not only is it more cost effective, the addition of Microban helps to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Microban protection is integrated into the laminate during the manufacturing process so lasts for the lifetime of the work surface


Coloured splash backs are a huge trend for kitchens, they are functional and can add an instant pop of colour. Betta Living has added 12 new colours to its collection, there is even the option to have transparent glass that can be used for photos and kids drawings. Add a splashback with lights that change colour and fade in and out for that extra WOW factor.


Top Tip:

1. Opt for a colour that compliments the rest of your home to ensure that colours flow throughout


Many families are now opting for cushioned flooring for their kitchens, its very effective and long lasting and depending on the size of space you can refresh flooring for a few hundred pounds.

Top Tip:

1. Think about durability and be practical. The kitchen gets a lot of traffic so take this into account.


For real savings do your research into appliances, the cost of integrated appliances compared to free standing can mean huge savings. An integrated fridge for example can cost a mere £11.52 for the year*. Integrated appliances also give a sleeker look making smaller kitchens look bigger.

Top Tip:

1. Look at the energy efficiency of appliances, 'A' rating means an appliance is very efficient and a B rating will cost 50% more per year. Every time you move up a letter add on another 50%! *Costs are based on a NEF fridge - model number K6604X8

Instant updates

A quick way to save money and spruce up a kitchen is to paint. It's affordable and can really transform the look and feel. If introducing a coloured splashback pick a colour that will compliment or if you are feeling brave and you have the space to do so add a contrasting colour. There are so many colour choices available in wipe-clean paints why not rev up kitchen cupboards too?

Betta _living _wicker _baskets _500x 750Wicker Basket £ 55 ResizedAdd some wicker to a kitchen to give it a country inspired look. Break up a wall of concealed cabinetry by removing the doors and adding wicker storage baskets to create drawlike convenience

Top Tip:

1. Pick dark hues to add a comfy and cosy feel

2. Yellow will add light to a dark kitchen with limited natural light

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