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Betta Living has been around as a business since 1966 - which is pretty good going we think and something we're very proud of.

The business has grown a lot during this time, and changed its name a couple of times too as we added on new products and made some acquisitions, but it's a family business and family values remain very much at the heart of our organisation. 

Reminiscing about Betta Living's journey got us thinking about how much kitchens have changed since we started out as a business. At the same time we also came across this website for a photographer we've been lucky enough to work with recently. We loved these images and the nostalgia it brought to us a team that we thought we'd share them with you.


The photography also features tea a lot - and everyone loves a good cup of tea! In fact, let's go and put the kettle on right now. 

If you want to see more it's at and look out for more articles from us about retro products and the nostalgia they bring.  

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