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You wouldn't necessarily think it looking outside, but it is spring now. And you might have gathered from our recent blog posts we love spring here at Betta Living HQ. So much so we did a survey to find out how clean we think our friends houses are. And this is what we found. 

Nearly two thirds of women think their friends need to brush up on their cleaning (and think their friend's house is dirty)

Women across the country have admitted to secretly sussing out whether their friends need a serious spring clean. These self-appointed mess investigators use a series of tactics to 'spot a slob' including:

·      Checking the top of shelves for dust

·      Sneaking a peak behind the back of sofas

·      Subtly glancing inside kitchen cupboards

·      Always asking to use the bathroom on visits to have a good poke around

·     And tip-toeing into bedrooms after a visit to the loo to have a quick nosey

Many women have admitted that insecurities about the state of their own houses lead to these investigations. In fact 63% revealed that they hoover around big furniture items rather than bothering to move them.


Other dirty secrets include stats that 74% of women only clean their ovens once ayear and over half only bother once every two years. Also, 69% said that they only hoover under their beds approximately once a month.

Despite cuttings corners when it comes to cleaning, a dirty house came second only to weight issues in answer to a question about what depresses women the most. Lazy husbands, family issues and money worries made up the rest of the top five.

The poll also disclosed the dirtiest places in people's houses with bedrooms coming out top thanks to the untouched dust under beds and the fact that free-standing wardrobes are dust-traps. Spare rooms and dining rooms were second and third, as it seems rooms that get used less get neglected more.

We say….Women might think men are over-competitive when it comes to sport, but it seems that on the subject of cleanliness it appears that women are discreetly creating a league table of all their friends. If a lazy husband and a dirty house depresses women then maybe the answer is for men to help more with the cleaning!

Right, I'm off to get the hoover out and marigolds on! 

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