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There's no denying the 'growing' trend of growing-your-own, with sales of vegetable seeds now out-selling flowers in garden centres across the UK.  Foodie enthusiasts are going green-fingered to enjoy the simple pleasure of harvesting their own crop, with kitchen gardens and indeed allotments now all the rage!

So, this April why not spring into action and join the grow-your-own revolution? Our top tips will show you how, from the comfort of your own kitchen window sill…kitchen garden

Find a sunny window 

Select the lightest, brightest window in your kitchen  - vegetables need lots of light and warmth to get them established. If light only comes in from one side, you'll need to turn your pots to stop the plants from leaning to one side.


Don't forget the herbs 

Herbs are useful seeds to grow in the kitchen - ensuring your food is always full of fresh flavour.  Basil and mint grown particularly well from seed, but will need plenty of warmth in early stages.

Choose mini-veggies 

Not all veggies grow well in a pot, so for guaranteed success, opt for varieties that are described as 'dwarf', 'mini' or 'bush'.

Egg Crest

Best for kids 

Your little ones will love getting involved, marveling as their seeds grown into edible delights!  Keep them engaged with quick and easy methods such as cress!  Fill an empty eggshell with damp cotton wool and add cress seeds.  Draw a face on your egg and soon you'll have a mop of green-cress hair!  Keep an eye on the cotton wool, making sure that it doesn't dry out!  Other seeds that are easy-peasy to grow include mustard seeds and the very trendy garnish known as microgreens!

Heinz tomatoes

This month Heinz has launched a new Grow Your Own campaign, which hopes to encourage families to grow their very own tomatoes, and is giving away free seeds via Facebook. Tomatoes grow brilliantly on a sunny window sill and the flowers are pretty too.  Find out more by visiting:


Use compost 

Once you've decided what to grow, there's a few golden rules to growing indoors…Fill your containers with multi-purpose compost rather than bringing in soil from the garden, which can bring unwanted pests into your kitchen!

Don't overwater 

Your growing vegetables will need to be watered regularly as they wont get any rain, however, be careful that you don't overdo do it - too much water can stop oxygen getting to the roots!

We hope we've inspired you to get growing in the kitchen! Happy planting 

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