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We love designing fitted bedrooms for kids…. It's so much fun and really rewarding when we see children's reactions to our amazing little design touches like colour LED plinth lighting and built in features for their games consoles and gadgets. 

Overall, a key consideration when designing kids rooms is creating a room that will grow with them and that can be adapted in to a grown up space for when they leave home.

The best solutions are simple but made age-relevant with accessories such as "jazzy handles" and funky wallpaper and duvet sets - items that can be updated cheaply and easily. Fitted Wardrobe doors and units can be changed but more often that not we fit furniture that will stand the test of time.

It's easy to "funk up" a room with the right handle choice such as Betta Living's diamante handle.

bling handle

Sliding wardrobe doors are perfect for making the most of every nook and cranny, especially if you are converting the loft into a stylish space for your little one. A plain design like this can also be styled as children go from tots to teens.

sliding doors

Other consideration when designing a child's room are:

1) Can the bed area be changed from a single bed to double when required?

2) Children's favourite colours change as they grow. You can still choose a door featuring their colour of the moment as you can just update the doors when their taste changes rather than having to redecorate the entire room.

3) More often than not the smaller awkward shaped rooms are nurseries or children's rooms. These types of rooms are perfect for sliding wardrobe doors and fitted furniture as they make the most of every nook and cranny.

4) If you're designing on a budget, bigger units with hanging rails are a more effective use of space and rather than lots of small units. Just think about internals more.

5) Choose fairly plain doors - the cost tends to go up in terms of the more detailed the door is.

6) Remember that cupboards hide mess - which kids create a lot of!

7) Toy storage is excellent in fitted rooms - think low, accessible shelves and then this can be adapted to double clothes hanging as the child grows - when their requirement for more clothes storage takes over from the large volume of toys.  

8) Don't disregard nice lighting features as plinth lighting is massively affordable but can still create a real wow factor and is a bit different to what their friends have. It's also great for night lights and lighting that you can control throughout the day / evening to aid sleep and relaxation. As they get older you then need to ensure there is enough light for when the child needs to use the room to study in. Shelf lighting is another fun idea.


9) Choose a cabin bed that is not too babyish so it can grow with children, like ours shown here.  This design even features a pop up power doc, built in speakers and flat screen TV - ideal for all electrical gadgets - from the essential X-box through to the must-have ipod. 

cabin bed

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